Buying gold is one of the best long term investments you can ever make. But making investments is only one side of the coin. If you never realise the value of those investments, you may never receive the full benefit of them, unless of course you intend to pass them on to friends and family as an heirloom for example.

Selling gold is just like selling anything else. You've got to make sure that the conditions are in your favour. So here in this short article we're going to give you a few tips on how to get the best price for your gold.

Don't be in Too Much of a Rush

If you're into gold as an investment commodity, you'll know only too well that its price changes from day to day. At this point in time it's hit a new low 2 year low, so unless you really have to, it's not a good time to sell. You'll be far better off waiting for the price to recover if you can afford to.

This advice is sound whether you're an investor, or just someone looking to raise some cash by selling off unwanted jewellery and trinkets.

It's Good to be in the Know

But if you're not used to thinking about gold in terms of its cash value, then you need to get some sort of an idea of price before you talk to anyone, or send your items anywhere. If you have no idea what sort of price you can expect, you'll simple have to take an outsider's word for it. Not a good position to be in!

The best thing to do is to go online, and seek out the current price for selling gold from 2 or 3 independent sources. Remember that the buying and selling prices will be different; just like any other commodity. The good thing is that at least you'll have some sort of an idea of what you can expect to get, and whether or not someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

The next thing you need to decide is where you're going to sell your gold.

Where to go to Sell Gold

Before the spate of recent advertising (particularly on TV), most people would go to a high street jeweller to sell their gold. It's not a bad option. In fact, if your thinking about selling items of jewellery that contains precious stones, it's probably your best option.

High Street Jewellers

Most high street jewellers are as honest as the day is long but not all. This is where the advice given above will also stand you in good stead. Do a little bit of research; both into the items you're selling (if you don't already know for certain what they comprise of), and look for some independent price guides on the web.

Know What it is You're Selling

What you should be aware of, is that some companies that offer cash for gold actually just take the stones out and throw them away. So if you want to maximise the sales value of what it is you're selling, (including any precious, or semi precious stones), choose the right company to go with, after checking them out.

High Street Cash Convertors, Pawn Shops and Antique Dealers

All of these should be avoided. In the first place all 3 are likely to offer you poor rates. In the second place, cash convertors and pawn shops may well sell the items. So if it's your intention to buy them back on day, you might be disappointed. Better to get a fair price in the first place and have done with it. With regards antique shops, they are notorious. If you have any antique jewellery get it independently valued before doing anything else.

Selling Gold Online

This is actually one of the best options, but you should take your time and do some careful research to assess the best websites before choosing which one to go with. Once your items are in their possession they'll quote you the best price they can offer. You have the right to accept or decline. If you decline, your package will be returned without charge.

Selling gold online is safe, and convenient. You're likely to get a good price too! Why not check it out now?